Finding CHEAP replacement Glass for HE3D K280 or any Large Delta


THIS IS THE CHEAPEST and probably BEST solution to replace a print surface on a large Delta printer.

This is a pretty simple fix!


To do this, you will need:

1 EA 2 PACK 12 in round glass – about 305MM or right at 12 inches.


3 EA 40MM Buttonhead M3 Cap screws – Here’s a kit 

Some Masking Tape 

and a razor blade



My friend’s printer arrived with broken glass.  HE3D told him to pound sand.  I wedged a square mirror in for a few months and got by until it broke.

I found 12 inch round glass on Amazon and took a chance.  Used the Scratch Method and BOOM!  I was in business for 12 bucks and still had a spare on hand!


Step 1: Prep the bed

Get your screw kit out.. you need to lower the profile of the existing bolts just a bit..


Replace the silver with the black..


Add 2 layers of masking tape to the bed.


Cut the holes out to let the new bolt heads through.



Step 2: Prep the Glass!

Scrape the rubber nubs off with a razor.

Scratch it up real good with sand paper, install and level.


Step 3: Finish Prep.

Calibrate your printer..

Step 4: Lube it up!

Heat it up and lube with some Elmer’s Glue Stick


And get printing!


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