Help!!! My Filament is stuck in my PTFE Tube!

It was gonna happen.  I left the printer loaded for a few months with filament in the second extruder.  Went to figure out how to do a Dual Extrusion print and the filament wouldn’t move in either direction.  No push, no pull.  None of my spare tubing was long enough so I had to clear it out.

I made several attempts initially, but with a little reflection and a vice, I mastered the art of clearing the PFTE Tubing.

So here is what we are talking about.  The white tubing coming out of the top of the extruder.

PTFE tubing also known as Teflon tubing also known as the Bowden tube.

I had several pieces of broken filament in my tubing and it was jammed.

I removed the tubing by pressing down on the pneumatic push connect fitting also known as a bowden tube connector, and pulled the tubing out.

So I dug though some spare parts and put bowden connectors on each end.



Put one end in a vice and held the other in my hand while pulling it straight.


I used my trusty Klein Wire Stripping Tool to bite down on fresh filament and inch it through bit by bit.


I kept pushing and eventually, pieces of stuck black filament started to come out the other end.


Occasionally, I would pull them with the Klein tool .


Soon all I had was the filament I was using to push in the tube.


Reinstalled, heated up, primed with new filament and back in action.





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