“The Corona Perfecto” – The perfect drink!

So I have been sitting on this secret for a long time..  and now I am ready to share.

Years ago, I invented a fantastic drink, it’s delicious, refreshing and completely my own invention.  It has taken me years of drinking beer, sampling various concoctions to come up with this.  This is the best I can do with nearly 43 years of life experience I have on the subject, next to and Icehouse (cuz why mess around when you are drinking).

I searching the Internet on this subject you will find much discussion on whether you have a lemon or a lime with your Corona.  Much like the battle between Hexagons and Circles, only you win!  Statistics favor the lime, I scoff at them.

I searched the Internet for hours and days and then hours again to assure myself I was the only one to develop this concoction, of course my daughter found another example within minutes, drat!  It really seemed like an appropriate time to quote the ending of a Scooby-Doo episode.

My close friends can tell you I have been drinking “The Corona Perfecto” (not to be confused with the cigar) for years before May 25, 2016.

So here goes.

Start with one half-rack of Corona Extra, one lemon and one lime.  A sixer will do if you are on a budget.

WARNING: Do not go for the oversize lemon..


Remove the cap from the Corona with a trust church key…


Slice an equal part lemon and an equal part lime.


Insert one of them..  I chose lime first in this case.


Insert the other…


Listen for the fizzy and jubilent success of two citrusy (yup, real word) battling it out for life and death.


Worth another look….


Save the lemon and lime for the next one..


An actual “The Corona Perfecto” in the wild… although you have to ask for a lemon and a lime with your Corona because the name hasn’t metastasized in common American English yet.  We are working on it.

Note: My lemon came in a separate bowl, the lime was delivered in the bottle.  It seems they had no idea what to do.


Order your “The Corona Perfecto” today, at your local bar.

Let’s make this “a thing”.

Drink responsibly, get back to printing…

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