Whiskey Stash Giveaway

Hey, we here at (me), are/is trying to build the gang and here is how we are going to do it.  From now through the month of September,  you friend/follow Maker Steve on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Thingiverse or donate on Patreon, you will receive one one entry, for each action, I will will make and mail to you one (1) Whiskey Stash 3D Printed 105mm Howitzer Shell.

What is a Whiskey Stash:

The Whiskey Stash is a 3D Printed 105mm Howitzer Shell replica that holds two shot glasses under the fuze and and 1/5 of whatever spirit you hide in it that is no greater than 86mm x 305mm high.  Verified to work with Dewars and Jameson and many others as you can see.  

I 3D print these, they take about 2.5 days to make and then I paint and stencil them to a reasonable replica.  Fits nicely in a 105mm Brass Casing if you happen to have one.
A must for any Artilleryman!  Looks great in the office.
A perfect birthday present, retirement gift, award or present for any military event.

This is a 3D Printed 105MM M1 Artillery Shell.  This is a life size model, fits nicely in a 105MM Brass Casing.  It is my 3D design, I finish them with realistic looking paint.  

This is a 3 Piece Set, consisting of the Base, Top, Fuze and Display Base, all 4 snap or screw together.
Dimensions.. 105 x 105 x 455mm or 4.13 x 4.13 x 17.91 inches

BRASS Casing and alcohol not included.
Usually ships within 5 to 7 days. This one is ready to ship so it should go out quick.
These are printed in high-quality PLA, which is bio-degradable.  These are senstive to high-heat and high-moisture.  They are breakable but not overly fragile.
All of these products are proudly made in America.. by me a 22 year artilleryman, still serving.  They are hand finished to the best quality I can create with a 3D Printer and some spray paint. They will come with some imperfection due to the 3D printing process but you’ll like ’em, everyone does. 
Learn more about them at   

Here are the rules:

You get what you get.. but you will like it.  It will not come with a fifth.

If you want a 3D Printed 105mm Piggy Bank instead, we can work that out. See one here

This is a 3 piece 3D print, Base, upper body, Fuze.

Must have a mailing address in the United States

Must be over 18 and, if not over 21, don’t use it for it’s intended purpose until you are 21.

Gimme a day or two, maybe three, to ship it.

How we’ll do it:

On October 1st, I will use an online randomizer to enter the list of names and select the winner.

I will contact the winner by the method they entered with, or you can watch for the winning post.

I will congratulate you by your first inital, last name and city, state on the above social media sites and contact you to work out deliver details.

How to I get a Whiskey Stash if I don’t win:

Well, you can print one yourself and finish it:


Learn more about the Whiskey Stash below.


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