3D Printed 40mm Bofors – Replica – Lifesize – Unpainted or Finished


SKU: 3d-printed-40mm-bofors---replica---lifesize---unpainted-or-finished


I can design projectiles upon request.  I can also create custom stencils based on your needs.  Contact me for more information.
3D Printed 40mm BOFORs L60 Replica – Lifesize!  
This is a two piece print, the fuze is threaded and screws into the body.
These projectiles make great replicas to complete your empty casing.  They can be used for military movie props.  
Unpainted version is shown in the picture in solid black.  Includes NO PAINT OR STENCIL
If a BRASS/Steel Casing is shown, it is not included in the purchase.  This is for the projectile only
I ship as fast as I can finish them.  If you need it in a hurry, drop me a line.  
These are printed in high-quality PLA, the color under the paint may vary but it will not show through. These are sensitive to very high-heat and very high-moisture.  They are not fragile but they can break.
All of these products are proudly made in America.. by me. They are hand finished to the best quality I can create with a 3D Printer and some spray paint or Airbrush. They will come with some imperfection due to the 3D printing and painting process but you’ll like ’em, everyone does.  I make every effort to make them identical but these are art.  They will vary slightly from item to item.  I may change the stencil or colors to improve the product as I go

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