Hello, I’m Steve Beecroft from Rochester, Washington.

I have been a Hacker (the good kind) of sorts for about 25 years.  I have managed a large number of small business network and a couple pretty large ones.  I have a Masters of Science in Network Security from Capitol College in Maryland, a BA in Business Administration from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) and a handful of Associate degrees from Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington.  I have acquired a number of IT certifications from CompTia and Microsoft over the years, most recently a CISSP and CEH.  I can honestly say at this point, I have forgotten more about computers and networking than most people will ever know.

I have also been in the service for over 20 years. As a National Guardsman branched Artillery, I know how to blow things up.  With deployments to Kuwait and Iraq, I have seen some sand and sun.  You’ll see some of my Artillery in my 3D designs I have uploaded to Thingiverse.


Lately, I began 3D Printing, Cryptomining (on the cheap) and tinkering away at electronics (Raspberry Pi, Android and RV Refrigerators) and my Kung-fu is getting pretty strong.  So, I figured I would start this site to share my experience and help people out.

This site contains affiliate links, it gives me a little back for my effort.  I appreciate your support.

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