Shopping List

This shopping list contains the goodies I think you need to have..

PLA Filament

Hatchbox PLA Filament – High quality filament

MagicSpace PLA Filament – Good quality filament for day to day prints. Usually less expensive.

Paramount Olive Drab PLA – for a good military color print.


Printer Parts

LocTite Blue, Medium Strength Threadlocker – Stick – This is a must have for your 3D Printer. Your parts won’t come loose until you want them to.

NEMA 17 Vibration Damper – 3 Pack – This will shut your printer up and you can get back to concentrating on your next big make!

M3, M4, M5 Button Head Screw Assortment – You’ll need em.

Stock Creality CR-10 replacement Hotend 

CR-10S Upgrade Kit for a Stock CR-10  – Add Dual Z-axis lead screw, filament sensor, upgraded control board with resume after power loss.

CCTree Stock Nozzle Kit for CR-10/S – Stock replacement nozzles for your printer.

.4 MM Bulk Nozzles for CR-10/S – From China, wait a little longer and get em cheap!

Military Spray Paint

These are hard to find, they move around a bit.

Military Camo Spray Paint – Field Drab

Military Camo Spray Paint – Woodland Green  Aervoe 990 (34094) Base Color for most camouflage pattern

Marine Corp Green Spray Paint – Oorah!