HE3D K280

Update:  If you are looking for replacement glass.. I found it on the cheap!  Check out the details and instructions here https://makersteve.com/2018/08/06/finding-cheap-replacement-glass-for-he3d-k280-or-any-large-delta/

.. is a capable printer but you’d better be ready to put in some work.  It will take a day or two to put it together, and a week to make it print.  4 months later, I have not successfully got the Dual Extruder to print.

Instructions are a little light and you may want some spare parts.


The HE3D K280 is the big brother to the HE3D K200

Difficulty: High / 15+ hours (to several months) to complete

This printer is BIG… 280x280x600MM, BIG.

A friend and I each purchased one of these at the same time.  We both opted for the Dual Extruder and 3D Scanner package.  Came to $544.00 during Cyber Monday-ish time.

Gearbest has a Flash Sale on the K280  if you want to go smaller, try the K200.  Be sure to select the proper plug, EU or US.  In the United States you want US.

My power supply failed and HE3D shipped me a new one.

My friends glass was broken, they told him to buy some new glass.  We just used a 12 x 12 inch mirror tile temporarily.  I did find replacement 300mm x 3mm glass on Ebay

I would not be telling the truth if I said assembly was easy, however, it was also pretty fun.

Where do I start… This was a pain to assemble.  Because of the unclear instructions I found myself taking the same sections apart and reassembling because I didn’t do it right.  After about 15 hours, I was read to attempt to print.

Then I found my Repetier firmware would not support the Dual Extruder.  HE3D’s support is good, not great, but good, and Pinkney provided the firmware required.  I used Repetier-host initially, it is still the best way to adjust the firmware EEPROM settings but I print with Cura.

Pros: BIG print space, cost, DUAL Extruders!  Runs on Octoprint just fine after insulating the underside of the bed.

Cons: thin cables break, no fan mount solution for the upgraded fans on the Dual Extruder, so I designed a mount based on the HE3D Mods provided by prahjister, and few printable mods.  Did I mention I haven’t cracked the code on making the dual extruders work?   Also, prints come out about 98% of the actual size.  My Creality CR-10 prints to the expected size every time.  Again, the wires are thin, I broke the thermister wire but was able to solder it back together and cover with heat shrink.

The bed leveling solution provide by prahjister is a must.


My Dual Extruder Fan mount in action.  I was printing the Little Red Box and they came out great.

Some perspective


YUGE!  The HE3D K280 dwarfs my Creality CR-10.  I had to install the wall fan and control unit because my taste buds were off and I was developing a cough with 3 x 3D printers running.  The Wall fan was also a requirement because of some Alt-coin mining; more on that later.

I will add some detail on leveling and the Dual Extruder and 3D scanner in action soon.

I really like mine, but I am always up for a challenge.