Maker Steve’s Delta Calibration Worksheet

UPDATED: For your printing pleasure. This is the spreadsheet HE3D should have made available for download to calibrate it’s Delta Printers. Since most Delta Printers are made with common parts, this spreadsheet will probably work on others. In the coming days I will post a walk-through for calibrating your Delta using Repetier-Host and Octoprint.  I […]

Help!!! My Filament is stuck in my PTFE Tube!

It was gonna happen.  I left the printer loaded for a few months with filament in the second extruder.  Went to figure out how to do a Dual Extrusion print and the filament wouldn’t move in either direction.  No push, no pull.  None of my spare tubing was long enough so I had to clear […]

Friendly Fire! Whiskey Stash M1 105MM Shell

So your pinned down and surrounded by the enemy. Your supporting artillery unit is out of HE. What do you do? You call for the 105MM Whiskey Stash Round! This round comes complete with your choice of Whiskey or Scotch and two shot glasses! And if you have a third Soldier in the foxhole with […]