Help! My print is stuck to my print surface.

Most of the time, your prints will come off without effort.  But when you master the art of print adhesion you may find your prints simply will not come off.  I went through this for a couple months, my fingers were chopped up between the mirrors and the spatula.

My wife was a little worried, I would come in bleeding from a finger on a regular basis.

Often, I broke my mirror surface because the bond was so strong.

It’s gonna happen..

And the solution is amazingly simple.

Canned air  – just flip it upside down, spray it at the based of your printed object, listen for the crackle and off it will come.  Some prints are more stubborn so they require a little more.

This works on TAPE and Gluestick!

What gives? Literally.

The PLA plastic and the print surface contract at different rates from the cold and it will cause the strong bond between the PLA and print surface to fail and you to win.







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