For Sale: 105MM Howitzer Shell Piggy Bank


80.00 including shipping, usually ships in a couple days. BRASS CASING NOT INCLUDED.

Now you can buy your own 3D Printed 105MM Howitzer Shell.

This a custom painted 105MM Howitzer Shell Piggy Bank based on my design located at

Each one is hand made in the USA by me with the assistance of my Creality CR-10 printer.  Printed with high quality PLA filament and finished with a military style stencil and paint.  None of them are exactly alike.

The round fits nicely in a 105MM casing which you can find online.  THE CASING IS NOT INCLUDED.

This is made in three pieces that screw together.  Base, Top and Fuze.  See for more detail.

For more info send me a message here.


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