Friendly Fire! Whiskey Stash M1 105MM Shell

So your pinned down and surrounded by the enemy. Your supporting artillery unit is out of HE. What do you do? You call for the 105MM Whiskey Stash Round! This round comes complete with your choice of Whiskey or Scotch and two shot glasses! And if you have a third Soldier in the foxhole with you… the Fuze will double as another shot glass.

Ok.. so that is an unlikely scenario.. but what if you just want to stash some booze in your office for a rainy day? Bingo!

Advances like this only come every other decade or so! As the World’s Preeminent Expert on the design and manufacture of PlAM (Plastic Artillery Munitions) I highly recommend this round for all Redlegs.

It fits nicely in the standard 105MM Shell Casing.

Check it out on thingiverse, download and print today!

Yes.. that happened!


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