Other Great Creality Printers!

There are several other Creality Printers on my radar I figured I would share.  I am a huge fan of Creality printers, they have great reviews, simple setup as assembly is near complete.  Customer support is top notch.  If you are just getting into 3D printing, start here!


I highly recommend any of these for someone just getting into 3D Printing.

The Brand new Dual Color Creality CR-X


All-in-one 3D printer with Dual Color.  Single nozzles makes dual color calibration a snap.  This is one of the newest in Creality’s line up.  If you have played with Dual-extrusion, 2-color printing, you will find the single nozzle a better choice.

Price $799.00 on Amazon and Ebay

Build size 300×300×400mm – Huge.. same as CR-10

The Creality Ender 3


Provides bulletproof Creality CR-10 performance with a super sturdy structure.  Heavier duty 2040 frame.

Smaller than the CR-10 but won’t need as many upgrades out of the box.

Price $269.00 on Amazon  $220.00 on Ebay if you want to wait for shipping from China.

Build size  220x220x250mm  https://amzn.to/2PlUs1y

This thing has great reviews and a great build size for the price.

Aluminum Upgrade for all Creality Printers


Spare build plates are a must.


Crealty CR-10 Mini


Same great features as the CR-10, smaller foot print.  Great starter printer, fits on a desk.

Has a $30.00 coupon on Amazon as of this post.

Price $359.00 on Amazon

Build size 300x220x300mm

Creality Ender 2

Ender 2

Much smaller foot print. Great features. Great starter printer and works well in confined space.

$164 on Ebay $200.00 Amazon with Prime

Build size 150x150x200mm

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