ArtillerLamp MiNi!


This is the little sister to the little brother ( to the big brother ( of the ArtillerLamp family.

Designed and tested by a veteran Redleg, this lamp is guaranteed to light up the enemy. (as long as they are smart enough to turn the switch)


The Whiskey Stash was one thing –

But – This could be my greatest invention ever (this week).. and may not be able to be topped! (until next week)


You’ll need to

1)Print an 75MM Shell  –

2)Pick a base to print – be sure to drill a matching hole in the bottom of the round

3)Print a fuze –

4)Finish IAW MakerSteve rules and regulations –

5) Procure a lamp kit
Amazon – (affiliate link)
Ebay – link)

You may want one of these for a longer thread –

6) Thank me with a tip! -or- go shopping on one of my Amazon/Ebay links!

7) See all the good stuff at

Happy Printing,

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