Help! My supports are stuck to my 3D Print!

I have been having problems with my Ender 3’s and support material getting stuck to the print.  Almost to the point of being part of the print.  I have been able to remove the support material by picking at it with dental picks, awls and various other cutting devices.

I usually end up digging them out but it is a pain and slows me down.


I wrestled with this for weeks before deciding it was time to solve the problem.


After several weeks of tweaking I have my Cura settings locked in and I thought I would share.

In most cases, if your support is part of the part.. the X/Y settings is too close.  0.12 Support Z Distance and 0.8mm Support X/Y Distance gave me the best results.  Additionally, if your Z setting is too close or far away,  your part will deform and will not be as crisp as it can be.



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