A tale of Five Enders: Vertical Lines Fix

Yup we are up to Five (with 3 more on the way) Ender 3’s.  Best little utility printer on the market IMHO.

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Here are my two “honey holes” for Creality Ender 3 and CR-10 Parts.

Pretty sure they are the same people in the background.

So I print nearly continuously and one of my printers developed some vertical lines in 3D Prints.  With a little research I determined the X-axis belt was a little loose.  Here is the fix.

For more detail on troubleshooting Underextrusion, Ripples and Waves in your 3D Prints, see here: https://makersteve.com/2018/08/29/ultimate-guide-to-troubleshooting-underextrusion-ripples-waves-and-stringing-in-3d-printers/

Bottom Line up front: 

If you are experiencing vertical lines in your 3D Print, tighten your X and Y axis belts.  This fix applies to all belt driven 3D Printers.

The Problem:  Those lines aren’t suppose to be there.


Or there:20181215_015228

This is what it is supposed to look like:20181215_015244


The culprit:

I could see when the belt was in action, there was a bit of slack when changing motion from left to right.


The fix is to loosen both Hex Cap Screws and tighten it up.



With the two screws loose, pull gently to the right and snug it up.  Then tighten the screws.20181215_015320

To check your Y-Axis, look at how the belt rides here:


The tensioner on the front is what you will loosen, there are 4 screws here.20181215_01555420181215_01560220181215_01560620181215_01561520181215_015624

Pull a bit to snug it up and then retighten.20181215_015639

Much Mo’ Better!20181215_015355

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