How to clear a blocked hotend on a 3D Printer

Here is a relatively quick drill every Maker of 3D Printing will need to know. Blocked hotends, also known as under extrusion, plugged, jammed, or mucked, can happen from poor quality filament but, often happen because of movement of PTFE away from the nozzle creating a void. This causes a plug to build up and […]

Under Extrusion, Waves or Ripples in 3D Print – Ender 3 Fix

See how I stencil! Based on all the interest, I separated my extrusion troubleshooting guide and added pictures.. See here: ULTIMATE GUIDE TO TROUBLESHOOTING UNDEREXTRUSION, RIPPLES, WAVES AND STRINGING IN 3D PRINTERS I have been happy as a clam with my 2 new Creality Ender 3’s.  They are still on sale at Gearbest for […]