3D Printed 75mm Sherman Tank Round Replica

Download and print yours from Thingiverse.com And coming to the Makersteve Store on eBay and Etsy If you have a naked 75mm Sherman Tank Brass Casing, this will do the trick perfectly.   There is a ton of other useful stuff on Makersteve.com and more coming every week. Be sure to check out my Ultimate Build […]

Finishing your Whiskey Stash V2 – The King of Bottle!

You may also be interested this post if you have time.. it will be helpful Maker Steve’s 3D Printing Rules to successful 3D Prints Be sure to enter win the Whiskey Stash Giveaway for September 2018. You could win a free 3D Printed Whiskey Stash 105mm Howitzer Shell – Replica! Using your highly modified Creality […]

The Whiskey Stash V2 – The King of Bottle!

Thanks to Tculpepp on Thingiverse for a great idea! Get it here! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3034854 -or- Contact me I will work a deal to print you one! This is the upgraded and final version of the Whiskey Stash. The print works, the system has been tested and it is ready for combat. Send some friendly fire today. […]