Finishing your Whiskey Stash V2 – The King of Bottle!

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Maker Steve’s 3D Printing Rules to successful 3D Prints

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Using your highly modified Creality CR-10S 3D Printer

IMAG0617 (2018-01-11T17_19_45.000)

Print the Base upside down with a Brim to make it stick


Timelapse of the Fuze Printing

Timelapse of the Top Printing

Sand of the high points and trim with razor as needed.

Allow paint to dry at each step.

Paint the Fuze with some Rust-oleum Gloss Black


Paint the Body with some Aervoe Woodland Green Because I buy it by the 6 pack.


Tape the Obturating Band with Painter’s Tape

Paint the Obturating Band with Rust-oleum Copper Rose

Attach the Stencil with Painters tape and cover with paper

Paint with Rust-oleum Gloss Sun Yellow


And.. Load it up!




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