Maker Steve’s Delta Calibration Worksheet

UPDATED: For your printing pleasure.

This is the spreadsheet HE3D should have made available for download to calibrate it’s Delta Printers.

Since most Delta Printers are made with common parts, this spreadsheet will probably work on others.

In the coming days I will post a walk-through for calibrating your Delta using Repetier-Host and Octoprint.  I will also cover calibrating your Dual Extruder for your HE3D Delta Printer.

2018-08-12_18-37-18 Delta Calibration Worksheet

Download and enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Maker Steve’s Delta Calibration Worksheet

  1. Excellent!
    BTW is there any documentation that you know of that explains all of the variables in firmware? Some I can guess but others I would like to know more about. Thanks,

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