3D Printer Pneumatic Connector Replacement – Ender 3 Fix

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Two days in a row, my brand new Creality Ender 3 has had the coupler let go of the PTFE.

This is what I discovered Wednesday afternoon.  Only 25% of my print was completed and I had about a dollar in filament, never to be used again.  I typically use dikale 1.75mm filament because it is relatively inexpensive and provides consistent prints roll to roll.

It is worth noting the price dropped from $17.99 on dikale White PLA to $16.99 today.   I consider that a bargain.

From afar, I knew I had a problem.



I could see the PTFE tubing disconnected from the Extruder assembly pneumatic connector, or coupler as we call them.IMAG1451

What a mess…IMAG1450

I had such dreams for that print..


So I cleaned it all up by trimming the excess filament..  and heated up the hotend, pulled the filament from the PTFE tubing to the hotend.  Then I reinserted the PTFE, gave it a tug and went back to printing.


And today I found this…


I bigger mess…IMAG1451

Same problem.. IMAG1448IMAG1447

At that point I didn’t trust the coupler any longer and went to my


Pulled a couple spare PTFE connectorsIMAG1490

Again, I clipped off all the excess..


Looked at my pile of wasted PLA with the bad coupler..


And installed a new one..  Not so tight as to strip it.. just snug and a little more.IMAG1507

Heated up the hotend to get the remaining filament out of the PTFE going to the hotend.



Gave a slight push to get some positive pressure…IMAG1512

Then pulled out the filament in a smooth rapid motion.

I suspected this was not cut properly or wasn’t clean, you can see it is frayed a bit.



I trimmed off a bit with a razor to square it up.  Alternately you can use a PTFE Cutter.IMAG1515

Applied a gentle pressure and let the blade do the work.


Good to go!


I inserted the PTFE in with a forceful motion and pulled on the first ring to lock it in place.  I gave it a good tug because I don’t want this to happen again.IMAG1517

Back to printing..

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2 thoughts on “3D Printer Pneumatic Connector Replacement – Ender 3 Fix

  1. Hi,,
    Yes always cut the ptfe back that has been connected to a quick disconnect fitting, the fitting will bite into the pipe which after being removed a few times tends to not grip as well, will eventually require cut back.

    Use a lot of this larger bore tube of drinks systems and get the same fault,,,always a bit messy with syrup and carbonated water.

    Glad you solved it.

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