3D Printed 75mm Pack Howitzer Shell – Replica – Lifesize

A must for any Artilleryman or woman! Looks great in the office.


A perfect retirement gift, award or present for any military event.

This is a 3D Printed 75MM M1 Artillery Shell. This is a life size model, fits nicely in a 75MM Brass Casing. This doubles as a Piggy Bank. It is my 3D design, I finish them with realistic looking paint.
It will also fit perfectly in your existing 75mm Shell Casing.
This is a 2 Piece Set, consisting of the Projectile and Fuze, both screw together.  Fuze has static PD and Delay setting and fits coins up to a 50 cent piece.
Dimensions..75 x 75 x 250mm or 2.95 x 2.95 x 9.84 inches
BRASS Casing not included.

These are printed in high-quality PLA, which is bio-degradable. These are senstive to high-heat and high-moisture.

All of these products are proudly made in America.. by me. They are hand finished to the best quality I can create with a 3D Printer and some spray paint. They will come with some imperfection due to the 3D printing process but you’ll like ’em, everyone does.

Learn more about them at https://makersteve.com

3D Printed 75mm Pack Howitzer Shell – Replica – Lifesize

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