3D Printed 105mm Artillery Shell Piggy Bank – Cash Stash Lite


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A must for any Artilleryman or woman!  Looks great in the office.
A perfect retirement gift, award or present for any military event.
This is a 3D Printed 105MM M1 Artillery Shell.  This is a life size model, fits nicely in a 105MM Brass Casing.  This doubles as a Piggy Bank.  It is my 3D design, I finish them with realistic looking paint.  
These are fun props that reasonably resemble the original shell.
Fuze has static (does not move)  PD and Delay.  Coin slot at the top takes coins up to 50 cent piece.
This is a 3 Piece Set, consisting of the Base, Top and Fuze, all 3 screw together.
Dimensions.. 105 x 105 x 455mm or 4.13 x 4.13 x 17.91 inches
BRASS Casing not included.
These are printed in high-quality PLA, which is bio-degradable.  These are senstive to high-heat and high-moisture.
All of these products are proudly made in America.. by me.  They are hand finished to the best quality I can create with a 3D Printer and some spray paint. They will come with some imperfection due to the 3D printing process but you’ll like ’em, everyone does. 
Learn more about them at https://makersteve.com   

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 17.91 in

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