Brace yourself! CR-10S / CR-10 Support Rod Installation.

8/13/2019  – USED ENDER Printers back in stock!  I’ve bought 3.. they help you fix ’em!

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CR-10 259.00 OBO!

Watch Episode 1! on Youtube showing the difference between the new support rod system and Frame Braces for Imagine That Titian, Creality CR-10, and Afinibot A31 by RebelRousingProps

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Okay, so we got a screaming deal on a “used” CR-10S from the 3d Printing Store on eBay.  They are one of my eBay favorites at this time.  I scan it for used/returned machines and get them at a significant discount.  I have bought three “used” Creality Ender 3’s and two had never been out of the box.  On occasion they have buy two get discount going.

I did a new Ultimate Guide on Assembling the CR-10S or CR10  with some MakerSteve brand fixin’s for right out of the box.  The CR-10 is a printer that is reliable and comes with a lot of value.  Well worth a look even if you have already built your printer.

The Creality CR-10S


This is a great printer, I can’t say it enough.  If in doubt, buy it.

A new CR-10S from eBay $432.00 with free shipping from the U.S.  You get them within a week.  Be careful trying to get a cheaper deal, some of the sellers on eBay are deceptive.

A CR-10S on Amazon, with 2-day shipping through your Amazon Prime membership, $519.00.  Get a free 30-days of Amazon Prime on me if you aren’t already a customer.

I did the 3D Printed Frame Braces for Imagine That Titian, Creality CR-10, and Afinibot A31 by RebelRousingProps set off Thingiverse on my original CR-10 over a year ago.  They have held up.  The parts list is listed below if you want to go that route to show the cost I paid, because I overbuy! (Yep, overbuying is a thing!)

Total cost: $74.00 plus 3D printing time.  I ended up with a lot of extra parts for later.  You can get the cost down with a local hardware store.

Here’s how it looks.


Braces and nut covers are 3D printed.

Supporting Rod Set For Creality 3D CR-10 CR-10S 3D Printer DIY Upgrade Supply

I found Creality 3D created a supporting rod set for the CR-10S or CR10 that is made by the manufacturer, Creality 3D so I had to give it a try.  This is only for the Creality CR-10/S that is 300mmx 300mm x 400mm.  For $37, there are no complaints.  Installation is simple, the look is clean and complete.  It should be an option when you buy a CR-10 or CR-10S.


They do not have a version for the larger CR-10 S4 (400mm x 400mm x 400mm) or the CR-10 S5 (500mm x 500mm x 500mm).  Both are massive printers and very low cost when compared to build volume!

Difficult: Easy

Price: $37ish

Time to complete: 1 hour if you are going slow.

Purpose: Firm up the frame and stabilize your printer for better prints.

Quality: Pretty good! Even includes a tap set for you Aluminum Extrusion.

Satisfaction: Complete!

Recommended Tools

Digital Level

Recommended Parts/Supplies

Loctite Blue Stick, Medium Strength Thread Locker

In the box..

A complete kit.  Rods, Aluminum Braces, “Pull rob kit assembly diagram,” Allen wrench, 5mm Tap set,

Good quality aluminum braces.

Let’s go!

Get your Loctite Blue Stick, Medium Strength Thread Locker ready.


We will assemble the support rods first.. lube up the short threaded rod.IMAG2037

Look for the flat end of the supporting rod, not the beveled end.  Start the threaded rod.


Start the other end.IMAG2039

Use your finger to stop the threaded rod from turning when you don’t want it to.  Tighten, then do the second supporting rod and set them aside.IMAG2040

Grab your M6x35mm Live bolts?  Or the screws with the loops for heads and lube them up.


You’ll need one of the nuts.IMAG2042

Set up all four the same way.IMAG2044

Insert all four in each end of the supporting rods.  IMAG2045

Grab the Aluminum Brace and the M5x12mm screws and thread one left and one on the right.IMAG2050

Now grab the M5x12mm screws, lube and the T-lock nuts.IMAG2051

Note the position of the T-lock nuts.  If they are backwards, they will not lock in.


Now let’s tap some holes!  Note the cover on the end.


Remove it..IMAG2067

And use the tap to create the thread.IMAG2068

Go easy, you will have to hold up the end of the printer or hang it off the edge of your desk.  This will take two attempts to get to the depth you need.  Tap, pull, tap.  Don’t force it.IMAG2069

Now this end is threaded.


Start the screw and test.IMAG2065

Should go in pretty well.IMAG2070

Add threadlocker


Attach the L pull rod connector to the frame, left and right.IMAG2074

Ensure they are flush on the top… and snug the screws up ensuring they lock.  IMAG2091

And on the end.


Another viewIMAG2095

Tighten the lower screws.


Snug up the screws.IMAG2089

Put a level on the base…IMAG2099


Hold a level on the upright and get it close.  I work for the government so this’ll do!  Repeat for the other side.  This ensures you have a 90 degree angle.IMAG2100

Tighten it all up.  All the T-lock screws and the support rod screws.IMAG2101

BAM!  Looks good!


Feed those printers!IMAG2104


That’s it..   I will go over Aluminum Extruder Installation shortly.

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Be sure to check out my Ultimate Build Guide for Creality Ender 3 and Ultimate Build Guide for Creality CR-10S and CR-10

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