Go magnetic! Replace your old build surface

I created a video on YouTube that shows my build process (if there is one) and the Ender 3 upgrades I do out of the box. Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 1 Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 2 Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 3 Just finished another Ultimate Guide on building the […]


A Tale of Three Enders: Bare Bones Upgrades for the Ender 3

See how I stencil! https://makersteve.com/2019/04/16/up-your-3d-printing-game-with-stencils-and-a-vinyl-cutter-go-cricut-go/ I still love my Creality CR-10 and I put a lot of upgrades into it but the Ender 3 is a cheap utility printer that has a small foot-print and great build volume for around $200 bucks.  The Creality Ender 3 is a great starter printer if you are new […]