Go magnetic! Replace your old build surface

I created a video on YouTube that shows my build process (if there is one) and the Ender 3 upgrades I do out of the box.

Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 1
Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 2
Maker Steve Ender 3 Build Part 3

Just finished another Ultimate Guide on building the Creality CR-10 or CR-10S 

A few months back and did a guide on how to Silence your Printer with Vibration Dampers.

The upgrade was performed on a CR-10 that required no modification.  I bought several new Enders from eBay at a pretty good deal.  Why not upgrade them as I build right out of the box?  Not so much.  For the Y-Axis, you have to cut the hotbed carrier.  Also, in the guide, I pointed out the two types of NEMA 17 Dampers, ones without nubs and ones with nubs.

WHY?  Because prints that are stuck suck and having a non-removable surface prevents you from using the freezer.

Difficult: Easy

Price: $20

Time to complete: 45 minutes

Pros: Your prints won’t get stuck to the bed (But if they do: https://makersteve.com/2018/03/26/help-my-print-is-stuck-to-my-print-surface/)

No more tape, no more glue.

Cons: Limited temperature, above 70c or so magnetic effect is lost.

Satisfaction: Complete!

Parts required:

Magnetic Build Surface –  I bought this  would recommend this from Creality.  The one a purchased is a tad smaller that the print bed.

Alcohol, and not the type you drink.

Razor Blades, quite a few of them as they get gummed up from the glue.

Here we go… Victim is shown below.


Heat it up.. I went with 80C.IMAG2337

The corners should start easily.IMAG2338

Work it off a bit at a time.IMAG2339

Keep Going.


Just like that.IMAG2341

You can cool the bed down if you like.IMAG2342

Now start shaving off the glue.  This will take a while.IMAG2343

Keep working it, clear the razor after it collects a lot of glue.IMAG2344


Work a section at a time.IMAG2346

Get out the Alcohol.IMAG2347

Pour some on the build plate and work it around.  It is okay to let it sit for a few minutes to break down the glue.IMAG2348


Scrap around a bit with the putty knife, you can spread the alcohol out.IMAG2350

Scratch at it.IMAG2351

Remove the glue.IMAG2352

This will take a few iterations.IMAG2353

Getting close.IMAG2354

scrape it with a razor.IMAG2355

Wipe with a paper towel.IMAG2356

Repeat; scrape, razor, wipe, add alcohol.IMAG2357

That will work.IMAG2359

Here is the new build surface magnet.IMAG2360

Flip it over to reveal the protective paper over the adhesive.IMAG2361

Peel it back.IMAG2362

Place one end on the build plate and pull the backing as you go.IMAG2363

Press firmly, left to right as you pull the backing off.


Moving right along.IMAG2365



Then put the magnetic build surface on the top.  IMAG2369

Mission Complete.  Pretty good upgrade for just a few bucks.IMAG2370

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